Link Pack

Mesmerizing Video Of Vibrant Paint Balls Absorbing and Dissolving

– Oh! A plate with a dividing line. I like this.

Empty billboards. (via)

Pessimist / Optimist Glasses.

We have ruined childhood, by Kim Brooks.

– Oh, these planters! I like!

– This Bear Shaped Throw is amazing.

– You think you have a good eye and can tell if something is centered? Try this. (via Chris)

– These helping hands salad servers are super adorable. (via)

How to get press for your creative work

Katerina Kamprani designs sublimely dysfunctional everyday objects

Pom Pom Tutorial

A human-sized barrel jellyfish near Cornwall

– Questions you can ask instead of how are you?

– Need a fun small gift that will get people laughing and talking? Tattly Tins are the beeeeest!

– There are so many cool jobs posted on the CreativeMornings job board. Go check them out.

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  1. Thank you!!!! xox

  2. dear T, you seem to be as much in love with good questions that I am.
    Clarissa Pinkola Estès she says thar questions are a gate to our souls. Anyway thant you for this new set of questions instead of How are you. My favorite question for today is : what do I need right now ?
    kiss kiss, Christie from Paris