Not Choosing

I am deeply feeling this quote.


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  1. The problem with most esoteric quotes is this:
    They are true in many ways.
    And they are not true in many other ways.

    We always want “recipes” for life – but life ain’t working that way. There’s always another side to everything. But we still want those easy ways out – just look at the esoteric overkill all over the world.

    We can look at (almost) every quote and see that it only works partly.

    Looking at this particular quote:
    Someone has a disability. Can he/she change it? Hardly. Did he/she choose it? Answer yourself.
    A woman doesn’t like her nose. Did she choose it? No. Shall she run to the beauty doc faster than the speed of light? Answer yourself.

    I could go on and on …
    (like we all could with almost every esoteric quote)

    Don’t worry: That’s just life!
    Happy Halloween, folks!

  2. I dunno about the previous comment. Obviously no one quote covers every single aspect of life.

    I happen to really like this quote. It resonated with me. And it has indeed given me pause for thought over the last several days. I’m committing it to memory so thank you!

  3. Nothing is for certain but Death and Taxes!

    Prolly the only quote that covers every aspect of life ;)

    This quote resonated for me too.