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How the X-Ray was invented.

What not to do on your work computer.

– Love this list by the DO Lectures: 12 Books To Help You Write Better

The Decade the Internet Lost Its Joy. What began as cheerful anarchy was devoured by vulture capital and ruthless consolidation

This made me laugh so hard. Watch the video.

– Our new Designer at Tattly, Minjoo, created an incredibly sweet calendar for 2020.

– This. Right in the heart. The hug at the end with his mom completely pushed me over the edge.

Billie Eilish Carpool Karaoke. Fun.

A table on wheels, looking for conversations.

Lego Frida Kahlo

Building a More Honest Internet (via Dense Discovery)

Visualizations that make no sense. It keeps on giving.

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  1. So I just watched the Holiday Spirit video. Well, didn’t finish I have to admit. It was going on and on and on for too long (longer than my day today :)
    I am am a teacher at a tier one research university in the US and this morning I was grading papers with “Terms of Endearments” in the background. Let me tell you about the Holiday Spirit…That movie puts so many things in perspective. Lemme tell you: love your kids and all the kids in general.
    My students were an amazing group of young people. More than a hundred and I cherished every single one of them (I still have have young kids at home so I am not like an “empty nester” idealizing the older youth

    To say “thank you” for a great semester I sent a quick note:

    when you feel overwhelmed with school work, always put things in perspective: you are so lucky! You could have been born a mother of ten in Bangladesh or a a little boy in Sierra Leone destined to be a soldier at age 8. It’s so cool that you are a student at the tier one research university in the United States!

    when you are at a party and you see someone alone (or in any other situation) go and say hi to that person. Some people are shy and that’s ok.

    when you see a homeless person and you have a spare dollar (basically a dollar = half of a cup of coffee), please give it to her or him – you don’t know what’s their life story and they will appreciate being noticed and being considered human

    never ever judge people by their accent or anything else related to their physical aspect (once, a parent from my daughter’s preschool asked me to be her kid’s babysitter because she thought I was a babysitter to my daughter because I spoke with an accent)

    do everything you can to make the world a better place to live: to be less poor, to be more clean, to have less hunger and diseases: you name it.

    I grew up extremely poor but I had access to great education and this what helped me survive and succeed in US. All materials things can be taken away from you but no one can take away your education.

    be kind. Kind people have good karma.

    —— Dear Tina, Fröhliche Weihnachten to you and your Family

  2. Thank you so much for sharing the holiday spirit video. I was alone on my sofa laughing so hard that I was wheezing and snorting. I don’t think I’ve ever snort-laughed while alone before haha.

  3. i love cats but my wife don’t want.