Facemask Sewing Tutorial

You can find additional instructions and the pattern here.

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  1. Are these kind of cloth masks effective? I have my doubts.

  2. Hello, it’s one of my activities of the day, so I did some reseach about what kind of cloth you can use and this study it’s pretty great.

    To be short use, 100% cotton t shirt / Blend Tshirt / antimicrobial Pillowcase, take a look about the article on this link.


    Have a nice day and stay home.

  3. Jurg: Definitely not as effective as an N95 mask. Not even close. But there are severe shortages so hospital staff must wear the same mask repeatedly (sometimes a week or more I’m hearing). And some only have access to a basic surgical mask which doesn’t do much either. So I hear that some people are wearing these cotton masks over their issued masks to save the condition of their N95 or provide a further barrier.

  4. Use firmly woven cotton fabric, NOT knit, like a T-shirt. Knit stretches because the loops make air holes, which is not good.

    People are using these home-made masks to cover their N95 masks because they’re forced to reuse them. There’s another pattern for covering disposable surgical masks to make them last longer too.

    Finally, if you are coughing or sneezing, even a DIY cloth mask is better at protecting others than nothing at all.