Link Pack

This video of Marina Abramovic seeing her former partner Ulay for the first time in years, during her The Artist is Present Performance at the MoMA, always makes me cry. So moving. You can read more here.

– Never use a single-use plastic sandwich bag again. Bring your favorite food and snacks with you wherever you go in these convenient and reusable silicone snack bags!

– Sometimes I want to charge my Apple iPhone but also use my regular plug-in headphones, but I can’t. Node would come in handy.

– I had my US citizenship interview this week. Wonder what questions they ask. Here you go.

– Wonderful Design Matters Interview with Chani Nicolas.

– Such a good read: A creative person’s guide to negotiating

The GIF we all need right now. I admit, Elizabeth Warren pulling out of the presidential race made my heart sink.

– Number 14: Spacial Context

This is a great site for smaller, architectural gems that you can stay in. Worldwide. (via)

How to flip disagreements into something productive: ask open-ended questions like “This clearly matters to you, can you help me understand why?”

A desk is opening up in April at Friend Work Here, my small but mighty, heart-foward cowering community.

The Power of Unplugging One Day A Week. (via Dense Discovery)

This thread: What is one idea that, once you learned it, you started to notice it everywhere?

Wash your damn hands.

Community Building Resources

This is delightful: Danielle went to her local Costco and replaced the signs for sold out items like toilet paper and bottled water with signs for magical items like: health potions, dowsing rods, tarot decks, summoning orbs, soul gems, healing crystals, and invisibility amulets.

– There are over 95 remote positions listed on the CreativeMornings Job Board.

– Did you know a line of temporary tattoos designed by real tattoo artists?

The Alliance of Downtown New York is searching nationwide for an urban explorer to live rent-free just off Wall Street all summer long and get paid to show the world Lower Manhattan through their eyes. (Thank you for sponsoring my blog this week!)