Link Pack

This made me laugh.

– This is cute: Rainbow shaped beach towel.

– Secretly dreaming of this setup: Using a DSLR as a Webcam (via)

Sea Otter Cam.

Care Package | Poems, meditations, films, and other cultural nutrients for times like this, curated with love by the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center.

Funeral and End of Life Planning (via)

25 things we’ve implemented at Front to keep a great culture while being remote: Skincare Fridays made me laugh. Scroll down for the photo of people on Zoom wearing beauty masks.

10 Famous Siblings Who Conquered the World

– Zach Lieberman and WeTransfer launch in-browser painting canvas, Color Push

– Can’t pay rent because of the coronavirus? This site is supposed to help you explain your rights to your landlord. SixFifty also released a similar tool for homeowners to generate letters to their mortgage lenders.

– OMG! Getty Museum asks people in self-isolation to recreate classic artworks

– I love this minimal salt vessel.

– I love my friend Libby: I’ve walked the circumference of the earth—here’s what it taught me about creativity in quarantine

– Ai-jen Poo | This Is Our (Caring) Revolution

– This Cook’s Book Kitchen Scale is cute.

– I think at this point everyone in New York State has a little bit of a crush on Andrew Cuomo.

Face Mask Aid NYC is a collective of fashion industry volunteers collaborating to deliver face masks to essential workers on the frontline as quickly as they can sew them. My team member Julie signed up and they dropped off a box of pre-cut materials and instructions. Then, she will sew the masks and they’ll pick up and distribute to frontline workers who need them. Wonderful.

Tattly is hurting really bad. If you ever wanted to buy some tattoos, this would be a good time. A generous cut of every sale goes to the artist. Fun fact: I am fulfilling the orders personally.

– CreativeMornings is going digital. You can attend the free chapter events around the world or participate in free “FieldTrips“, workshops led by community members like yourself. And, our job board lets you find your new dream job or talent.

– A big thank you to Peculiar Prompts for sponsoring my blog and RSS feed this week. Looking for a way to stay busy while stuck alone at home? You’re in luck! Peculiar Prompts: Social Distancing Edition is a free collection of 624 creative prompts designed to break the rhythm of an otherwise mundane existence.

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  1. Tina! I have made two Tattly purchases and they have been the silver lining of bath time for my 4 year old. He’s very excited because the fire trucks come after this night nap. Thank you for reminding your readers to support Tattly. It’s magic and so fun.