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(A Social Distance)

– So much respect for Threadless: Artist-Designed Face Masks by Threadless Give Medical Supplies to Communities in Need

– This thread is everything: David Bowie as ice lollies.

Comfort Cooking

– An incredible collection of Do Not Disturb signs from around the world. (Via)

Layering a nylon stocking over a homemade cloth mask can boost its ability to filter out small particles in the air, a new study finds.

– This is a visually pleasing and smartly designed toilet paper stand. Also, by the same brand, Umbra, a toilet paper holder that mounts to the wall.

Six Great Questions to Ask Our Elders (via Chris)

Daily lessons from BBC

– My dear multi-talented friend Jocelyn is offering a 12 week course to reconnect with your body, open your heart, and bring your intuition online. It’s called Hi-Fi. (She is also the force behind Hurry Slowly. She has a magic touch.)

– I love that Basecamp came out with a personal tier: Basecamp Personal is the 100% forever-free version of Basecamp you can use with up to 20 people to manage 3 projects together. Home improvement, travel, freelance, hobbies, even making your own EP.

– This pandemic is a pivotal moment for CreativeMornings: Not only are our hosts fearlessly moving our events online, our community is also stepping up and teaching each other, for free. Check out this incredible list of upcoming FieldTrips. They are all free. Completely, totally free.

The Need for a Cry

– This is a beautiful Nordic Teapot.

This is wholesome.

Studio Ghibli Releases Backgrounds for Video Conferencing

– I hope Tattly will make it through this time. With all stores that carry us closed, the only source of income we have is online sales. Most don’t realize that wholesale is our biggest source of revenue, so stores being closed hurts us real bad. I thank all of you who have generously placed an order in the past few weeks and left a note during the check-out. I see them all, as I am personally fulfilling every order that comes in.

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  1. Might tattly be interested in producing puzzles? The designs would make beautiful puzzles which would make great care package gifts for friends and family who might be less inclined to wear temporary tattoos. Would love to support Tattly and your artists by purchasing puzzles! (granted – i have no idea what i’m talking about)