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Anti-Racism Daily is your daily reminder to dismantle white supremacy by Nicole Cardoza

This made me laugh.

Critical Conversations: Dr. Robin DiAngelo on White Fragility and Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism (Via Kai)

Ava DuVernay’s Selma and 13th Available to Watch Online for Free

Adobe launches Photoshop Camera, a free app with tons of elaborate face filters

– My friends cooked an incredible meal on this cast iron, hibachi-style grill for me last night.

Aarron Walter is a tremendously thoughtful human and I can’t wait to read the second edition of Designing for Emotions.

– I appreciate Sonya Renee Taylor’s sharing on White Supremacy. I am glad I found her. I have work to do. I am doing it.

15 Children’s Books by Black Authors

How bubble engineer Melody Yang makes mind-blowing bubbles

– “And let’s be honest, there’s something a little thrilling about a first kiss being taboo again.” What Single People Are Starting to Realize, By Nayeema Raza

21 Black-authored cookbooks to add to your shelf. (via)

– I was featured on the C2C Podcast by Bevvy Labs talking about the CreativeMornings Community!

How to Be Alone When You’re Really Bad at It

– Ever get a recommendation for a movie or a book or a podcast and don’t know where to save it? Anygood (iOS only) is that place: an app for personal recommendations. (I personally use someday lists in TeuxDeux) (Via Kai)

– A big thank you to Float for sponsoring my blog this week.

– With the shelter-in-place order in NYC, I have been personally fulfilling every single Tattly order for the past 3 months. For all of you who have placed an order and written a note during check-out, *thank you*! Not being to sell to stores has really hit us hard. Hope things will look up soon. Send some fun!?

– CreativeMornings has moved all event from IRL to digital. I am proud of this community and how we have collectively pivoted into the online event space. We also offer community led workshops now, we call them FieldTrips. They are WONDERFUL!


– My friend Libby takes a long walk every monring. It has changed her life.

Bookshop is an online bookstore with a mission to financially support local, independent bookstores.

Learn To Do Everything Lightly

The Loss of Chance Meetings

David Bowie in 1983 Asking for More Black Artists on MTV

Leading with Love

The Sharing of Joy

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  1. What people should know before reading, “Critical Conversations: Dr. Robin DiAngelo on White Fragility and Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism,”

  2. Wow!!! I can’t believe it took a person loosing their life no video for you to actually talk about Black people on your feed. I used to subscribe and support everything you did and then I noticed that you don’t support black designers at all. You are an immigrant and look how far you’ve reached over other talented people because of white privilege and you never used that privilege to help someone who didn’t look like you.
    Yes I know you’re going to say you have ONE black designer that you only found a year ago but that is not enough. DO BETTER and stop pretending like you are!

  3. @Tracie grace, what do you mean by do better? I’ve been hearing this a lot but haven’t heard any concrete solutions for what people should “do better”. While I don’t know the author of this blog personally, I feel that your accusations are unfounded. I normally don’t address comments like this, but I feel that they are undeserved, and wanted to call this out. Feels like trolling to me. Swiss Miss—love your blog. Keep it up!

  4. Ok Miss EM I see you’re trying to stand up for your friend and I get it. If you haven’t been an avid reader of this blog then you’re obviously Not qualified to pass any remarks. Go back and see how many black designers she’s promoted over the years? Go to her tattly site and look at her list of artist and see how many black artist / designers she has listed there. If she wants to know how she can do better she can just step out her front door and look around her for talented black artists they are not hard to find because SHE LIVES IN NYC! They are everywhere! Now that it’s trendy to talk about BLM she’s all over it! It’s 100% FAKE! donating money to charity instead of helping someone make a positive change in their lives by supporting their talents is just a sign of guilt. SO since you all want to know how to Do Better there you have it. HIRE BLACK PEOPLE She owns 3 companies for god sake!

  5. Tracie, I hear you, loud and clear. You are right, I have do to better. I have not lifted up black voices as much as I should have be it by hiring more people of color or adding more artists of color to the Tattly roster. You are right. I admit, calling my recent efforts fake hurts, but I can see how it can come off as that. I appreciate you speaking up. Thank you.

  6. @Em, thank you for coming to my defense, that was very kind of you. I do think though I have work to do. Grateful for your kind words though. Waving.

  7. Now that we are on the same page, I want you to think about how many black artist & designers get passed over just because of the colour of their skin? There are a lot of them out there. Many of them born and raised in NYC and have not been given a fair chance or a break and went onto doing other jobs they don’t like just to make ends meet. Just think that you’re an immigrant and you were able to move to a new country and still managed to thrive during an economic downtime. You are a smart marketer who’s standing on the shoulders of giants, the fact that you’re using Swiss modernism as your way through the door proves how white privilege is dominant in the design world. Think about what made that movement popular? The truth is we all have tainted histories but how we move forward is what matters and I hope that from this day forward things will change and you will not leave this legacy for your children. In order for people to feel welcome they need to be invited & included.