Masks Custom Printed With Your Own Face

Danielle Baskin, the creator of “masks that unlock your phone” has now launched Maskalike, a service that prints images onto protective face masks.


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  1. Great idea. 2D or 3D printing?I can’t tell. Cost?

  2. Uh….no

  3. I think the masks are a cute idea but I have to say that “hide the pain Harold” really rubs me the wrong way. That’s a real person, who’s done their best to make the best out of the situation. Did she ask permission to use his face for what is now a very tired in joke? Is he being compensated for his pain?

    I like the idea as an giggle but this execution seems to be in very bad taste to me.

  4. I did not know anything about “hide the pain Harold” meme until reading Mr Hertlein’s comment. Totally agree with all his points.

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