We Must Be Anti-Racist

(By Oliver Jeffers)

A country already feeling raw and humbled by the impact of Covid-19, the killing of Georg Floyd has cracked this country wide open. Americans in all 50 states (!!) are marching to fight police brutality and systemic racism. People are waking up to the injustice. While I should have done more sooner, I am showing up now. I am doing the work. I might get it wrong along the way, but I am committed. I am grateful for the voices who are speaking truth. Some of the voices I have been paying attention to are: Patrice C. Washington, Sonya Renee Taylor, Shirley Johnson, Danielle Coke and Light Watkins.

These aerial views of protests around the world are deeply moving. Black Lives Matter.

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  1. Did you forget your own mantra “What you resist persists” by C.G. Jung?

    Just kidding. All these esoteric sayings are often true and sometimes not.
    Life in esotericism is bright & wonderful & loving – but real life is also dark, frustrating and full of hate & violence. We should be glad that there are people out there who resist this corrupt & lunatic Trump Administration.