Question For My Readers

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  1. Killer Mike

  2. I just started following @nicoleacardoza on Instagram. She seems like a powerful, provocative and energetic human with a lot of wisdom to share.

  3. Killer Mike indeed. And maybe also the person who he is telling white folks to watch as a homework asignment: Jane Elliott.
    Also: Trevor Noah.

  4. Alexander Engelen an incredible person and writer based in Berlin

  5. Rai King just started a new podcast about WOC in the workplace.

    Munroe Bergdorf is killing in at the moment supporting the Black Trans community.

    Cori Bush is a great voice. Running for Congress in MO.

    Bryant Terry is very interesting and a great person to bring voice to black people in the food industry as is Amber Tamm who is a horticulturist in Brooklyn.

    Also Kristina Gill is a photographer and food book writer.