OAD Face Mask

Now that I am going into the office a bit more often, I had to find a mask that I don’t mind wearing all day. I tried a few different ones and have really come to like the feel of the OAD Face Mask. It fits snug and feels soft. Do you have a mask you love?

Update: A reader just reached out to me saying that these masks (poly/spandex blends) are apparently one of the least effective fabrics to protect you and others. Nooo.

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  1. How is it when you’re wearing glasses?

  2. @Vane, it works great with glasses as the mask is super snug. Happy to send you a selfie via Instagram if you want proof! :)

  3. haha, i believe you! i’m always dealing with fogging with masks that dont have any nose support, so this is good to know

  4. NAK masks are really good. They have several nice designs.

  5. I have been making super simple double layer quilting fabric masks using spoonflower fabric designs (there are so many good, design-y / irreverent patterns!) – do you know a quilter locally who could crank a few out for you? If not, I’d be delighted to send you a few…as a long time reader (first time writer!) it would be my honor and pleasure. :)

    Double bonus – I just got a yard of fabric featuring Dr Fauci’s adorable avatar.

  6. Give MoopShop.com face masks a try. This Pittsburgh based business is a canvas bag company that makes fabulous bags. The owner, to stay afloat during the pandemic, began making masks. I have reordered three times.

  7. put on the mask, hold up a candle if you can blow it out thru the mask no good. otherwise you are good to go