Cats Don’t Care About Your Personal Space

These photos of cats invading their owners personal space made me laugh. They won’t leave their owners’ side as they go to the bathroom be it for a shower, bath or to use the toilet.

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  1. Hahahaha, made my day!!!

  2. This is news to whom??

    We don’t HAVE personal space.

    The CATS have personal space.

    My cat decides how long I should be on the ‘phone. Once she decides enough is enough, she waltzes over to the nearest cabinet door and repeatedly bangs it open and shut until I either get off the phone, or move her – which really accomplishes only one thing. She will begin to bang the closest door which will make noise.

    Her preference is cabinet doors, as they are superior noise makers.

  3. I really enjoyed your pictures and having 3 cats of my own, I could personally relate To each picture. Thanks for sharing