I Am A Voter

I moved to the USA in 1999 and two months ago I became a citizen. I can finally say: I AM A VOTER.

Today we launched our Tattly x @iamavoter partnership to help increase voter registration and voter turnout in this election. See you at the polls!

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  1. Voting is for idiots when the system is rigged.

  2. A huge congratulations to you! My sister-in-law, from Brazil, also became a citizen this summer and can now vote. So glad to have you here and have your voice and participation in our electoral system. While those of us in the US can get disenfranchised by what is going on, my sister-in-law points out the US has such positives going for it that never for a moment is one to be silent and to fight for our country, and the country we want it to become.