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The Egyptian Egg Ovens Considered More Wondrous Than the Pyramids

– I thoroughly enjoy Dr. Bertrice Berry’s Stories on Instagram.

How I Mastered the Art of Ventilating My Home, Let me tell you about my fans.

– WHOA! IKEA has digitalized 70 years worth of their furniture catalogs.

– There are so many tools for available for the Remote Work Landscape

The 2020 Fall Foliage Prediction Map

A Primer on Algorithms and Bias

How to Tell if Distance Learning Is Working for Your Kid

– Guide To Le Corbusier’s 10 Most Significant Buildings

Comedy Wildlife Photography awards 2020 finalists. This one made me laugh out loud.

– Gasp: Draper – Land Ark RV (via)

– How to (Actually) Save Time When You’re Working Remotely. I liked this advice: 2. Give yourself a Feierabend. In Germany, the Feierabend is a daily evening celebration marking the moment when work is switched off for the day — often accompanied by a hearty German beer.

Sea-thru removes the water from underwater images

Remote wiki for students & teachers (via)

Toucan is a free Chrome extension that helps you learn a language without even trying. (via)

– I am starting to think I shouldn’t bring my phone into my bedroom and am researching alarm clocks. Loftie looks pretty cool and versatile, but pricey. Recommendations anyone?

– Did you catch that Poolside FM launched an iOS App this week?

– Did you see my post about iNaturalist? It’s an app that helps you identify the plants and animals around you by connecting with a community of over a million scientists and naturalists. So cool!

– In case your kids are as bummed about remote school as mine, you can always try brighten their day with some Tattly. And always remember: It’s only temporary!

– This Graphic and Digital Design certificate from Parsons gives you the flexibility of online classes plus the option of choosing your own electives. A big thank you to Parsons at Open Campus for sponsoring my blog this week.

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  1. For what it’s worth, I set an alarm in my living room to play classical public radio before the regular alarm goes off. When I had a job, the phone in the room would go off with a little snooze time built in. When it was time to get up, the living room alarm would do it’s real alarm thing, making me get out of bed to shut it off. The tea kettle is right along the way, so it’s easy to start the morning brew.

    Your mileage may vary, but you can absolutely design your morning routine away from your phone.

  2. I love this guy:

    no bells and whistles, but projects time onto the ceiling so that you do not have to have the clock face shining in your eyes all night, nor do you have to twist around to see what time it is :-)

  3. Echo the comment above. A Sonos speaker set to peaceful piano music is my alarm. Total game changer.

  4. You should have a look to Braun alarm clocks :)

  5. The Punkt AC01 looks like a beautiful phone replacement alarm clock. Also pricey, but minimalist and design-y – and Swiss!

  6. Re your need for an alarm clock separate from your phone, why trade technology for more technology? Go back to basics. Just get a plain ole alarm clock. Swiss-made, of course!

  7. I love the philip’s alarm clock that wakes you up with light. It is such a peaceful And natural way to wake up

  8. Also love the Philips Wake Up Light, especially in the darker months. The model we have also has a radio, which is nice.. It’s not the most attractive industrial design, in that you don’t get a full circle of light. Though the price isn’t actually that far off from the Loftie for some of the higher-end models. The lights from Hatch and LEXON also look nice?

  9. here’s my clock reccomendation:

    Built in Detroit!

  10. I had a dilemma with having an alarm clock, where I wanted to stop using my phone morning and night, but I still liked using a sleep-tracking app.

    I ended up repurposing an old (android) phone as my alarm clock.
    All I have on there is my alarm clock app, a weather app, and an ambient noise app (A Soft Murmur).

    I also installed a custom launcher (Nova Launcher) to make my home screen as simple as possible.

    It’s been working really well – I’ve been reading way more in the evenings and I avoid endlessly scrolling feeds in the morning instead of getting out of bed.

  11. I bought the app ‘Alarmify’ and it plays a playlist of choice on spotify to wake me up. This is perfect = no radio ads, no need to switch it off because it’s annoying, and I usually keep it playing all morning until I start work. Costs $5.49 and works immediately :)

  12. Like some others above, I am a fan of my philips wake up light. The design isn’t as pretty as the Loftie, but it works for me, it is simple enough, there is some radio in there too if you like music.

  13. I like the alarm clock you are looking at, but how about something more simple? Both of my kids have this and it truly is so analog, it is refreshing. Clock, light, alarm. Peace.

  14. Thanks everyone. I really appreciate your recommendations. (Nice hack, Jeremy!)

  15. The good old Braun alarm clock works a charm.