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The joy of watching old, damaged things get restored

We are not divided.

– A group of creatives led by Jessica Hische are creating unofficial posters for the Biden/Harris campaign

– What a bonkers read: Buying Myself Back When does a model own her own image?

The Most Likely Way You’ll Get Infected With Covid-19

On choosing to positively reframe your thoughts (via)

– I like this chair by HAY.

– I feel this sign: Everything is weird. We are open.

– These Tiny Kitchen Videos are simply delightful.

– This is inspiring: Thinkerbell launches over-55s internship to curb ageism

This is one trippy video. Wow.

64 Things (Big and Small!) Everyone Forgets to Clean

Treck through Machu Picchu from the comfort of your home.

Please vote.

– I know what I am watching this weekend: The Social Dilemma. And yes, I am terrified.

If CreativeMornings was a church, this would be its building.

– A guide for dating and how to not ghost other people.

This cleaning product company seems really awesome. (I unfortunately heard their bottles break easily and are poor quality. Have you tried it?)

Love this minimal bench.

– I see a lot of love for Loom recently. While most use it in a professional context, a friend texted me a Loom video recently giving me a life update. It was really efficient and personal.

– This Reddit thread! Wow! What’s an industry secret in the field you work in? (via)

– A story from 2016, I keep going back to. Heads up, heavy: The Falling man

People, wear some rainbows. It’s soothing for the soul.

– Hiring? Looking for a job? Here you go.

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  1. Hey Tina!

    I’ve been using Blueland for a few months, my bottles haven’t broken.
    I think the multi surface yellow one is the better product of the (3) sprays and the one I use the most often.

  2. Yes, vote for sure! But I realize I’m growing weary of hearing just the generic vote! Why aren’t we saying what I assume most of us mean: Vote for Joe Biden?!?! *that’s what we really need people to do…

  3. I highly endorse The Social Dilemma. It is worth a watch and seeks to describe a complex problem that would require multiple disciplines and interdisciplinary folks and communities to solve.

  4. Love Blueland tablets — many reorders. The spray bottles, however, are terrible. The acrylic breaks easily and the sprayer mechanism is fragile. I ordered glass spray bottles from Norwex (hoping for longevity from these) and will use Blueland tablets in these.

  5. Waw so nice information dude

  6. Thanks for the shout out!
    Love Plyroom

  7. I had such high hopes for Blueland, but also, chiming in to say the Blueland spray bottles are awful and the hand soap dispenser failed after just a month or so. I also am not a fan of the scents.