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I keep coming back to this lecture by Ram Dass. It’s packed with so much wisdom.

How to Host a Cocktail Party on Zoom (and have better classes, conferences and meetings, too)

This Twitter thread is internet gold.

– I love what Jordan Ferney is posting these days over on Oh Happy Day

– My friend Ian Adelman has been building modern sandcastles this summer. Check out this one, or this one or this one. The VOTE sandcastle is my favorite.

– I enjoyed this talk by Ethan Hawke.

– Use Backlight, a little inspector tool to check your favourite (and your own) websites for how visitors are being tracked and what data is shared. It’s always surprising to see how mindlessly even small sites overshare visitor information. (via)

– I want a huggable heat bag.

– I am always amazed when people tell me they don’t know about Giphy. Sit back, put in some odd search terms and be amused.


– This Bosch Heart Smart Commercial by Ben Callner made me laugh.

– I am intrigued by Levels. It apparently tracks your blood glucose in real time, so you can maximize your diet and exercise. Would love to give it a try. (Or hear from anyone who has!)

– “Loneliness is usually framed around your relationships to others—community, friendship, family. But that’s not the whole picture. To feel less lonely, you have to also build your relationship with yourself, which requires time alone, free from distractions, and that can feel scary. This is an essay about why you might want to give being alone a try.”

– I dig these magnetic bookmarks.

Adult Fly Costume.

Sobering: Even with a good vaccine, Dr. Fauci is forecasting a return to “something that closely resembles normal” by the end of 2021 *at the earliest*, stressing it’s “not going to eliminate things like mask wearing and avoiding crowds”.

– Yes, the Step Bucket Stool is pricy, but I love the design.

– We have some amazing free digital FrieldTrips coming up at CreativeMornings: How to Manage (or Avoid) Nightmare Clients, Fundraising on Instagram Live, Enrich your personal and professional relationships with the 5 Love Languages, and then there is this one: Notes from a Regular Creative: 5 Things I’ve Learned from CM FieldTrips. You can view all upcoming FieldTrips here.

– We introduced a new artist at Tattly. Her name is Christina Mrozik. Her Floraflies sheet is a big hit.

– Thank you Hidden Mirrors for sponsoring my blog this week. Hidden Mirrors is a super fun visual game, with the right amount of an 80s vibe. You can download it for Apple and Android.

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  1. The new moth Tattly series Reminds me of the movie The Dark Divide. We just watched it last night. So beautiful and funny!

  2. it frustrates me that something like Levels exists & is being marketed at people with wealth while there are still people with diabetes who don’t have access to this level of monitoring because insurance won’t cover it, or because they’re uninsured. the structural inequalities fill me with rage.

  3. I’m curious to see what Levels does too. Their website hardly gives any information and requires “registration access” which makes me skeptical about it.

  4. Oh the grocery song and butter thing are sooo good!