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A new and growing archive dedicated specifically to the graphic arts in Uruguay.

– A set of elegantly proportioned three-dimensional letters, numbers and symbols to add to your favorite necklace.

– As a visual learner I really appreciate the animated graphics in this article about how the Coronavirus spreads.

– Anyone who has ever dealt with formatting things in markdown will love this Markdown Live Preview.

– These bird portraits by Tim Flach made my day.

– I love this felt curbside bedtable.

– YES! You go Canada! Canada banning plastic bags, straws, cutlery and other single-use items by the end of 2021 (via)

– This dressed up pug made me laugh.

– My friend Carolyn gifted me a pack of Uniqlo face masks. They are so comfortable.

Bongo Cat. Made me laugh.

– I just discovered The Red Hand Files and am loving every bit of it. This post is beautiful.

– Adam JK’s Unsolicited Advice 2021 Planner is out.

– These Doodle Crayons are almost too sculptural and cool to use.


– I keep thinking how much I love my SOMA Water Pitcher. Not a new product, but worth mentioning how much I appreciate it.

– I can’t stop watching this: A guy put cheese into a chocolate fountain.

Uppity Women Unite Pin.

A Brooklyn quilt. Lovely. (There’s more cities!)

– So, is this bike watch mirror actually useful?

Tattly’s new furry friends sheet by Kevin Waldron is a big hit. The foxes are my favorite.

– Want to hire a kind creative soul? Check out the CreativeMornings job board. Posting jobs can be super duper costly, at least in the USA, the CreativeMornings job board gives you unlimited postings with one flat monthly fee, plus, global exposure within the wonderful community of CreativeMornings Humans.

Trivial aims to help non-developers flow data between services easily and build custom web apps, think of it as a souped-up Zapier and Shopify combo. (I want to thank them for generously sponsoring my blog this week!)

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  1. The tattoos are adorbs!

  2. thanks for the inspiration again!

    seems like the red hand files are no longer online :(