No For Breakfast

“I eat no for breakfast.”
— Kamala Harris

Watch this for context.

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  1. Please keep your dogma out of here!

  2. Hey Joe…

    How in the world is that dogma? Enough is Enough. I am increasingly learning how much of a White space this blog is for some readers. When a post sporting a t-shirt with a hexicode for BLM, the comments were rife with White Lives Matter and the hexicode for that. I get the facetiousness of it. What you don’t know is over the past four years, the stress of dealing with being walked into by certain groups of people while walking on the street in NYC on purpose, casual jokes in the workplace about whether I have been to jail, the unpacking of my heritage not being Black American, waiting at my door before exiting my apt so that I can ride the elevator without “micoagressions” aggrivated my health to the point that it turned up as a cancerous tumor. I am fighting cancer in a pandemic. This is the undocumented reality of a documented immigrant like myself. Maybe you might say I deserve it because to be honest, prior to the diagnosis this is what I learned about living in America; Once I am Black, female, intelligent, and ambitious I am hated for merely existing. I am hated by certain African Americans who deem me “privileged”. I am hated by certain Black men for being ambitious. I am hated by certain White feminists and non-feminists because someone like me is supposed to be taking care of their kids instead of running a business, or being their boss. “Not your time”, “not your turn”, “not for you” is a reality for people who don’t look like the status quo. I am hated because I am an ambitious and highly talented creative and a technologist and yet, I still believe we are all in this TOGETHER. We have to work together to make this place we live in much better than it ever was. Enough is enough. The more troubling reality is the dogma fueled by operatives who seek to erase people without folks even knowing it by inoculating them with issuing casual forms of disdain, indifference, ignorance, and invisibility. I’m just fed up with observing the agency that seems benign but when applied to other people, makes them vulnerable to abuses so casual and disregarding. A perfect example is seen on this very blog when the author asked for technical help and several programmers came to the rescue. In it, most had the agency to post their photographs along with their comment. As someone who occasionally programs, I don’t have such a luxury. I am terrified to reveal myself in that manner as I would instantly be a target for unsavory treatment. The reality is, people are dying here from this kind of attitude and mindset. Please stop this. Seriously.

  3. @Joe, please stop reading my blog if what I post upsets you.

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