Link Pack

– Great read: Nine Nonobvious Ways to Have Deeper Conversations (via Chris)

– WOW! Aerial Photo of Manhattan, Circa 1931

– This Tie Dye Mask Kit is most certainly a sign of our times.

– Love this: ‘It’s Like I’m Floating’: Skating New York Under Lockdown

Which one is you?

– I want to go here: Belgian design studio has created a circular track called Cycling Through The Trees as part of the cycling network in the province of Limburg.

– I love FREITAG’s Sweat-Yourself-Shop idea. I totally want to call in and customize my own bag. Fun.

– Dear NYC, Help Us Write A Love Letter To The City At The End Of This Difficult Year

– I’d wear these pommed rib slippers.

Little animal neck gaiters. Super cute.

-Hello there, you stunning home.

– I am liking this Cable Bin. I can’t stand cables being messy out in the open. In German we call it Kabelsalat aka Cable Salad.

From Instant Pot to Instagram: Critical Lessons in Startup Community Building

– The Year on TikTok: Top 100

– Need to get into the Christmas spirit? This playlist will help! (Thanks Kim!)

– Who doesn’t want a Personal Concrete Fireplace?

– I have recently been in a few situations where I didn’t feel comfortable to take off my mask to drink out of my Tumblr. This one by Simple Modern comes with a straw, witch makes it way easier to drink without taking off your mask. My friend Christina loves it. Wishlisted.

– I love these hanging mirrors by HAY.

– Whoa! Tattly is featured in Wirecutters 2020 Gift Guide. Thank you NYTimes!

342 remote jobs are currently featured on the CreativeMornings Job Board. One of them is Small Planet looking to hire a Creative Director.

– A big thank you to See Design Shop for sponsoring my blog and RSS feed this week. I love their heavy-weight cotton canvas pouches so much. I use them for cables, makeup,… and give them as gifts.

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  1. So interesting to see that photo of Manhattan. What is missing is the FDR Drive, of course. They built it over landfill, and you can see the open “bay” on the left side which was filled in to support the road. Fascinating photo.