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The Piano soundtrack touches me so deeply. It’s the first movie that made me cry in the theaters.

Dr. Fauci Christmas Ornamet!

– I admit, I am not a big fan of spreadsheets. But this Instagram account might change that.

– Hope Hall is good with words. So much wisdom here.

Jordan Ferney launched a wallpaper company.

– This read made me feel better and gave me hope: Hang in there, help is on the way.

What a 15-Foot Piano Sounds Like

– Wow! Hokusai’s Great Wave, Sculpted in Lego Blocks by Jumpei Mitsui

– Pop this tree card over your phone & make it glow! Free download here (via)

– These minimal kitchens by Michael Andersen and Jeppe Christensen make me swoon.

– I love these book ends.

Email sabbaticals (via)

How Vaccines work. And a whole more explanation around the topic here.

This is fascinating.

– Listen: David Sedaris offers three stories that question social rites. (via Bailey)

– So many pretty paper products.

– Do you have a fireplace? And having the ugly wooden fire place matches box sitting out bothers you? Welcome to my visual world! There’s a fix.

– Looking for a meaningful gift for a young woman? Try the Shattered Glass Ceiling Necklace.

– Ooooh, Brooklyn based Quiet Down now offers beautiful blankets as well.

– I love boxes. This one is an extra pretty one.

– Wait what? A social distance Zapper? Yikes.

– Looking for a new job, with kind humans? Try the CreativeMornings Job Board.

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  1. The Piano is one of my favorites movies. The soundtrack is superb. And yes, it made cry a lot. I think i have to watch again. ;)

  2. Thank you for reminding me of the greatness that was The Piano soundtrack. That piece still moves me deeply to tears! I feel it deep in my soul!