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A Primer for Hosting Online Creative Workshops, by Priya Parker

– I am deeply inspired by this incredible, winter swimming, big-hearted human, who I am proud to call my friend: Patricia Garcia-Gomez, 54: Winter Swimming and The Power of Ritual

– ‘I love Typography’s favorite typefaces of 2020. (via)

– I think I am developing an obsession for citrus juicers. Look at this beauty!

– If you like lose tea you will LOVE this mug. Thanks for the tip, Sharon!

– Some women walk down the street with a Yoga Mat, you’d be more likely to see me with one of these Rolled Up Potting Tarps.

To Start a New Habit, Make It Easy. Removing obstacles makes it more likely you’ll achieve a new health goal. The 7-Day Well Challenge will show you how.

This map showcasing building ages in the Netherlands is fascinating.

This Twitter thread about a NYC apartment is one of the wildest things I have seen in a long time.

Cardinal Print by Berkley Illustration. My heart!

– I’d be into this Ocean Anatomy 500-Piece Puzzle

– The cheese lover in my rejoices: Cheese isn’t bad for you.

– I would give this bell lantern a loving home.

– Loving Claudia Pearson’s new Tree Collection.

These Herb Storage Containers made me giggle. Makes your herbs look like astronauts.

– Plant lovers: Here’s a post explaining How to Make Compost Tea for Plants with Banana peels, Onion skins, Eggshells and Coffee grounds

– What a lovely, graphical vase. (Why are they do not showing it with any flowers in their product photography?)

– Debbie Millman has a new columns on Print Magazine called What Matters. I am here for it.

– ‘I get better sleep’: the people who quit social media

– Beautiful Read by Craig Mod: Looking Closely is Everything. “I’d say that that huh is the foundational block of curiosity. To get good at the huh is to get good at both paying attention and nurturing compassion; if you don’t notice, you can’t give a shit. But the huh is only half the equation. You gotta go huh, alright — the “alright,” the follow-up, the openness to what comes next is where the cascade lives. It’s the sometimes-sardonic, sometimes-optimistic engine driving the next huh and so on and so forth.”

What’s a newsletter you open and read the minute you get it? Why?

– Let’s manifest an early Spring! Put some flowers on you.

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  1. OMG that NYC apartment video is literally the 1992 film Candyman! So creepy!