Link Pack

This deeply resonates.

Denial. An original.

– Wikipedia is a constantly changing entity with hundreds of edits occurring every minute and now you can experience that dynamism as ambient music: Listen to Wikipedia.

Alan Watts on the meaning of freedom, the only real antidote to fear, and the deepest wellspring of love.

Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are an absolute disaster for so many more reasons than the ecological.

– This is oddly intense: Raccoon knocks on a glass door with rock between her paws when the cat food bowl is empty.

This dress by Busayo is making my heart go pitter patter. Not that I could pull it off, but man, it’s a stunner. Fun fact: Busayo is a lawyer gone fashion designer, such an inspiration.

– This is a pretty smart travel backpack. Check out the stop motion at the bottom showing the different features.

– Hollaback – Free Bystander Intervention Training

– Gather looks interesting: Build your intentional community.

– I love plants. But I haven’t gone the nerdy route of measuring my light yet. This article might change that.

Ten reasons to write a book, by Seth Godin (This resonates. I am starting to see a book in my future!)

– My favorite jewelry designer, Elsa Peretti has died. My heart hurts.

This plant tag makes me laugh. (I am a chronic over-waterer, I am not allowed to have any of these in my home.)

signs of a deep friend connection

– I would totally put this road trip pillow to good use.

– I love this silk floss set.

– An Enamel sign that simply says WONDERFUL. Yes, please.

– I love love love Chrissy Angliker’s paintings. (Another fellow Swiss in NYC)

Channeling my inner bumble bee. I am ready for spring and flowers.