The Next Generation

“It is not enough to hope that the next generation solves this. Things will not get better until we teach them how. It is on us to grow men who do not exploit the labor of women. Straight kids who understand and work toward protections for gay people. And White kids who understand that it is not about having a Black friend. It is about divesting completely from racist systems.”
– Cornelius Minor

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  1. Yes! And I’m seeing so much happy evidence that there are plenty of teens in Gen Z that are curious enough and motivated enough to teach themselves to change and make changes. With their initiative and our guidance, I really do have great hope for the future.

  2. This won’t be done with reverse racism. All the anti white and anti personal responsibility movement won’t change anything but create resent that will divide people further. Remove the corruption from the education department. Starve the corrupt government. Push family values and personal responsibility. Study a valuable skill don’t have children until you are at least 23 years old. Tweets and posters don’t amount to anything. Change happens when you raise your children right with a father and mother. Why do you think we have so much dis function lack of fathers. Once again personal responsibility.