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That feeling when music touches you deep in your soul and is pure medicine. Jireh by Maverick City is that. And no, I don’t consider myself religious. I have my own version of church.

– Craig Mod shares Pizza Toast & Coffee — Japanese Cafe Short Documentary

Learning to Respond Not React, by Tara Brach

– I am coming back to this song.

– Here’s your daily dose of funny animal photos. The cat wearing tiny plastic hands made me laugh out loud.

– I thoroughly enjoyed this episode of How We Built This with the founder of Hinge telling his story. I mostly loved the part where he tells his personal love story. (It was turned into a short movie!)

– In words, images and video, teens across the United States show us how they have met life’s challenges in the midst of a pandemic. (via Chris)

LEGO Chocolate Cake. Funny. Show your kids.

– I don’t have a dog, but I have spent a good 10 min on this dog bed product page.

– Discover the first modern Kitchen–the Frankfurt kitchen-pioneered by the architect Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky (1926)

How to avoid bad decisions. An excellent read.

– Wow! A ten minute, one-to-one concert.

How to make cloud eggs. I need to finally give this a try.

– The We Work Documentary was released yesterday. Don’t think I have the stomach to watch it. I find Adam Neumann repulsive. If you have watched it, leave a comment below and let me know if it’s palatable?

– This 3D Printed vase is WOW!

– I am on an adventure to experience myself and my life sans alcohol for 90 days. (I am on day 42). I recently bought Good Drinks, a book with recipes for alcohol free drinks. Highly recommend.

– Not sure how I stumbled upon Kristen Lisanti on Instagram. But I am glad I did. I am intrigued by her Breaking Open, a six-week virtual course in what she calls applied mindfulness: meditating not just for our own peace of mind but to give us the tools to show up as safe people in the world. Registration is on a sliding scale, no one will be turned away for lack of funds. She is donating all proceeds to the Loveland Foundation and the AAPI Community Fund.

Say goodbye to moth holes in your favorite sweaters with these Cedar Wood Houses Fabric Protectors.

– This slow motion video made me look.

This is me, every time someone asks how are you doing?

Plant pedestals? Yes, please.

– These are lovely bookends.

The Extraordinary Life of Yayoi Kusama

What a fascinating house.

– There are currently 2193 jobs listed on the CreativeMornings Job Board, 652 of them are remote friendly.

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  1. I watched the documentary and am not sure that you would want to stomach it. Do so to confirm what yiu already feel, if that is useful. I truly don’t understand the “ charisma” that people notice. I found his narcissism and interactions skin crawling.

  2. He makes the doc extremely hard to watch, which is a shame because the construct of the story is fascinating. It’s a well done doc, but I was really struggling through any segment with Adam. Save yourself – life is too short for *this* type of cringey cinema.

  3. Interesting doc. Longish. Lavishly produced. I don’t know how they got that spot-on candid footage of the WeWork summer camp.

    Adam reminded me of Elizabeth Holmes, the other charismatic CEO that ended badly.

    Although Adam didn’t put people’s health in jeopardy. (Well, maybe their mental health.)

  4. I had a small moment of guttedness (is that a word? lol) when you quickly gave a disclaimer about whether you’re religious or not for being so touched by this song (but you can’t win if you do, and you can’t win if you don’t, right?). I’m a believer, but not religious, and you don’t have to be either to feel touched by this or any song or words that praise God. It filled my heart to see this, my favorite Christian artist, on my favorite blog!

  5. We Work doc is indeed cringeworthy. The film itself is really well done, but every time Adam Neumann spouted out some weird, business/wellness buzzword bullshit I wanted to vomit. Save yourself. <3

  6. The WeWork documentary, for all entrepreneurs with a ‘spiritual or consciousness’ leaning is a must watch (specially in NYC). It’s not palatable, but it’s very instructive of ‘What NOT to do’. Highly recommended.