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Recent discovery: Yola!

– Eventually I’ll break down and buy this shoeshelf. How often can they target me with their ads?

– Come to my home you beautiful watering vessel.

– This mid-century metal desk caught my eye.

Curious photo series by Wolfgang Fruhling of houses in the mining area of Ruhr, Germany gradually privatised as mines closed & people left the area. Large properties were split, resulting in contrasting external decoration.

– I love the free activity pages by Adam J. K. (Also, check out his prints!)

– Oh, you’re cool, color cube!

– How cute is this cloud shaped watering bulb? Do these things work?

– Raise your hand if you knew that a cupboard brush was a thing?

– Feeling this: Ending it gracefully

– Well done AirTag unboxing video.

– Are you wondering if you are going to travel abroad this summer? (I havent been to Switzerland in almost two years!) This article is helpful.

– Paris based Anne Ditmeyer is launching a 3-month accountability booster group. What if you carved out the time to be intentional to move forward on that business idea, hobby you’ve been wanting to try, or project you’ve always been wanting to do that always gets put to the wayside? Recommend!

Time Saver Correspondence Card.

– Whoa! Thriving garden in sealed bottle hasn’t been watered in 40 years.

Why walking is the most underrated form of exercise (via)

How to make a kite.

– I experienced a Bizzare Brooklyn Tour last night. Imagine a group of 20+ people being led through Brooklyn Heights, learning historical facts, experiencing magic, behaving funny and weirdly as a group that then impacts other passer byes, impromptu dance party… A lovely experience.

– Bala makes some cool and unusually shaped workout weights.

How many plants are too many? (Via. Thanks Manu)

– Good feels: Cher & The Loneliest Elephant – Official Trailer 2021

– I want to try all of the shared recipes here: 15 Snacks to Enjoy While You’re Watching the Oscars

How to pursue a product copycat.

– Wait, I like this wall hanging? Always surprised when I see my taste evolve and change.

– Now that I am fully vaccinated I am trying to ease into socializing with my also vaccinated friends. After 1+ year of being a hermit I am feeling so many mixed emotions. I would have never believed I could be nervous about socializing and feeling safe doing so. Wearing the Be Brave Tattly helps.

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  1. On Ending it gracefully… I wonder what YOU are up to… gros baisers, Christie

  2. I’d never heard of a cupboard brush, until this week: twice!!

    must be something in the air!!