Luka TV Stand by Castlery

A few months ago I became the proud owner of a Luka TV Stand by Castlery. Look at this beauty! I admit, I might be tipping a bit in the obsessive side of things as I caught myself saying hi to Luka when I walk in. Or, when we watch TV I often state out loud to my kids “Isn’t Luka handsome?” I love him.

(All furniture should have human names.)

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  1. Where did you get that beautiful print above Luka?

  2. Seconding MM’s comment, about the beautiful print on the wall above your beloved Luka. Details, please!

  3. The print is the TV, right? A Samsung Frame? It’s soooooo amazing!

  4. @Matthew, That is actually a Samsun Le Frame TV where you can switch out the art. I bought this digital piece of art is from DiaModernDesign on Etsy:

  5. I’m confused why you need a TV stand if you have a wall-mounted TV? :-)

  6. Awww Luka is handsome! And this caught my eye because Luka is my son’s name. Spelled with a K and all. :-)