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A love story that beckons you to dive deeper… Filmed, Written and Directed By Josiah Gordon

The hybrid workplace probably won’t last, by Jon Levy

As if I couldn’t love Patagonia any more. I love a company with a strong moral compass.

– Come to me, you beautiful glass storage canisters.

– I dig this storage providing IKEA window seat hack.

– “What seems like a dark time is in reality the womb space between the old and the new.
The collective is in a birthing canal. The energies are working for us not against us.” – Alisha Berry

This made me smile.

This Polaroid photo printer is way expensive but my teenage daughter would LOVE it.

– I grew up in Switzerland and I am flabbergasted every time I think about the fact that Swiss women only got the right to vote in 1971. The Divine Order tells the story.

– This card made me chuckle: I like you, so now what?

– Priya Parker created a guide outlining The New Rules for Gathering . You can download it for free.

– Need to translate some text to get a sense what it’s about? Try Deepl.

– Love these strip-ey mini vases.

– Yes to big chunky mugs.

– Come work with me at CreativeMornings. We are hiring a Partnerships Manager.

Tattly is currently running a summer sale and also working on a very exciting new product line. I can not wait to tell you about it…

– Happy my blog birthday to you! Hard to believe but this blog turned 16 this week. Thank you for visiting my little corner of the internet. I love taking care of this garden for you!

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  1. Prendre soin de ce coin / jardin ? quelle belle expression! Joyeux 16ieme anniversaire !

  2. Thank YOU for planting thoughtful design ideas and examples of all types – for us to harvest ongoing. I enjoy you and learn from you in every post.
    I am a longtime resident of Asheville, North Carolina but have lived in Fort Greene and our daughter now resides there. It’s fun to know the stoops and park and Bergen Street setting that help produce your perspective.
    I will continue to appreciate your generous sharing on leadership, design, relationships and community – as long as you willingly give of your heart!
    Gratitude to you.

  3. I have been following you 16 years!!! Happy birthday, Swiss Miss Blog!

  4. Thank you @Kim! Thank you @Liv! Thank you @Lyra! I appreciate you visiting my garden!

  5. I’m not sure how much that polaroid photo printer was (it’s out of stock) but Fujifilm makes something similar called the Instax printer. You can send prints from your phone.

  6. Congratulations! I’ve been reading and loving it for ten years at least. Finding great product ideas like Tinybop, Sugru and others. Beautiful quotes and amazing videos… All the best Tina and Salut to another 16 :)

  7. Thanks for sharing such content.