Hay Outdoor Dining Table Set

I rarely see outdoor furniture that makes my heart sing, but HAY’s Palissade’s Outdoor Set did.

A few months ago I ordered it it, unseen, nervous whether I would like the feel of it. I am happy to report the material is AMAZING! And, the entire set is super sturdy and visually pleasing. (For those of you who don’t like to sit on no-back-support-benches, you can also get chairs!)

May it last for a LONG time!

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  1. Does it not get too hot to sit in the summer? Curious about the material, too.

  2. This is an amazing table. It is perfect for outdoor use. You can enjoy a cup of coffee with a great view. I just wanted to know if it is weatherproof?

    Thank you very much for the article. Keep sharing such information.