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How to Disappear: The Art of Listening to Silence in a Noisy World

This made me laugh out loud.

– Oh, I like the look of these sleek climate-friendly cooling units

– So many nuggets of wisdom in this post over at the First Round Review blog: The 30 Best Bits of Advice We’ve Heard on Our Podcast (So Far)

Why people are so awful online, by Roxane Gay

The cost to be a decent person is 0.00.

Simon Sinek gives us a fun exercise to find your why.

– Loving this canvas tote.

– Next time you visit NYC, make sure to visit The Little Island. It’s lovely!

– Can we talk about how magical this plant is? Watch the GIF.

How To Ask A Stranger For A Portrait

Gentle reminder.

This poor stick bug.

Asking the right questions to frame the problem.

Coronavirus Logos

What went right this week

It’s tough being a cameraman for the Olympics trampoline.

– These days it feels as everyone in my universe is coupled up. That’s why I started a thread of single folks raising their hands over on Twitter. Join in if you’re single and possibly up for a non-cringe-y singles event.

– Put some tiny Tattly on you. It doesn’t hurt.

– There are currently 2,806 jobs listed on the CreativeMornings Job Board, of which 681 are remote friendly.

– A big thank you to CPE at The New School for sponsoring my blog this week.

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  1. Little Island is indeed a treasure. But it’s one of many that exist or that are being built within Hudson River Park.

    Check out:

    Pier 26 (done).

    Gansevoort Peninsula (under construction).

    Pier 97 (about to start construction).