Start with Yes print. Lovely.

(Did you know I have an entire blog category titled Deecorate your Walls?)

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  1. $ 279.00 ??

    (“Start with Yes”) …
    Not Okay.

  2. @julie: It’s a handmade using a traditional woodblock printing process, signed by the artist and comes with a metal frame.

  3. Respectfully, it’s a playful and lively work. Clearly time, thought, craftsmanship – wrought this piece. But artist must look to Jenny Holzer and Ed Ruscha. Tho a chunk of ‘perspiration’ went in to this sweet piece – inspiration, originality, and “ORIGIN” are not casual concepts. This artist need to consider common-sense pricing for derivative —albeit original—art that in color, concept, text and context – owe so much to artists like Ruscha and Holzer.