Hand-Free Leash

My kids and I are thinking of adopting an adult or senior dog. (Squeal!) As I have been talking about it with friends, the internet is of course promptly serving me up ads for dog related products. Here’s one that made me look: A hands-free leash. I am wondering if dog-owners are shaking their heads at this or if this is actually useful.

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  1. Very dog-dependent! I’ve seen people pulled over by an overenthusiastic big dog wearing one of these (and then dragged along, unable to get out of the loop).

    I’ve also seen people wearing them but ending up using their hands constantly anyway because the dog doesn’t walk consistently close to heel and they have to keep pulling them back in close.

    If you have a small enough dog who walks well to heel with voice commands alone, great. Anything else… a bit more style than substance, unfortunately.

    On a different note, YES to senior dogs! 1000 times yes – good for you (and even better for your future pooch!)

  2. I have a leash that hooks on to a waist belt–this works really well for my smaller dog while I hold the leash for my larger dog. 1. He’s smaller. 2. He’s the one that will escape if I forget whose leash is whose. 3. I can easily disconnect it if I need to.

    There’s no way I’d drape a leash over my shoulder like the pic–that just looks like something bad waiting to happen.

    But YAY! for rescuing, especially an older dog.

  3. We’ve been a four-decade Airedale family. In the 1980s, spouse came home from a European business trip with a Swiss 7-foot leather “park leash”, with metal clips at both ends, one of which could slip thru a sliding ring or join to a shorter second fixed ring or all the way down to the collar ring. The lead could therefore be 7 feet, 5’, 3’, or worn over the shoulder with dog at close heel. These leashes are wonderful for well trained dogs and humans.
    You can find them on line. Look for a “multi-function” or “9 function” or “hunter’s” leash. Most are $20 to $35. Make sure they have well made metal components. They can be too heavy for small dogs.
    Any dog on a lead or leash needs a constant partner. Dog and human should always be aware of each other. If you have a dog on a shoulder leash while you’re on the phone, you could well have problems. Don’t text and drive. Don’t text and dog walk….

  4. I *love* our Found My Animal leash — you can use it with the standard hand loop or wrap it around your waist. Super nice to have the hands-free option!

  5. I would probably never wear a leash like that, but i do love the ‘crag’ leash from Ruffwear – it has two points of adjustment and you can unbuckle the handstrap to use it to tie your pup around your waist for a run or tighten it to your picnic table , whatever! Senior dogs are the best!

  6. This is a great leash for a dog that doesn’t pull on the leash – not even a little bit. Please also don’t tether your dog to you around your torso. Around the waist is better, but if you need your hands to carry stuff, maybe don’t take your dog. Or take a backpack and use a regular leash.

    I checked the website. It’s claim for ‘better control than hand held leashes’ is lowkey BS. You need to be able to pull your dog into you quickly for a whole bunch of different reasons. Also, if your senior dog has hearing loss, you communicate through the leash.

    The E.zee lock buckle looks like it has good adjustment, but a regular clip that can be used with one hand is much better.

    At the end of the day, this would work for a dog that is gentle and doesn’t pull at all. It’s a lovely colour and I’m sure well made. If you want to support this company, the Cosmo leash is better.

    I have this leash – https://www.hunterpetstore.com/products/adjustable-leash-convenience?variant=39357899604002

    Double ended clips, good adjustment, bright colours, super easy to clean.

  7. Oh my gosh! (I’m laughing at a mental image.) My 11-year-old lab is a senior in many ways, except when it comes to squirrels. He takes off like a shot, when he sees one. I would be face down, dragging behind him or flying sideways, if I used one of these.

  8. I have a leash that is a better design than this I wear over my shoulder like a purse. The leash has a few options of rings so you can adjust the length and how it sits. As a petite woman with 130# mastiff I find it to be incredibly useful to prevent him from getting any leverage on me if he pulls hard. I’ve turned on quite a few women with larger dogs to using the same leash so it isn’t as silly as it seems, tho this leash is a bit silly.

  9. I think adopting a senior dog is something great. I really enjoyed the last years with my dog.

    I used long leashes which allowed a hands-free use and absolutely never had an issue. In addition with a senior dog an issue is even more probable.

    What’s really dangerous are extensible leashes, not only for other people who don’t see the leash but for the dog if you are not paying attention 100% of the time which let’s be honest will happen at some point… I saw a car hitting a dog because a distracted owner + a not respectful driver combination.

  10. I use a couple regular leashes of different lengths depending on activities and have cheap carabiners on the end. Easy place to tie poop bags, can clip on belt buckles for short term hands free walking and easily clip to any structure for tie-up purposes. [12 y-o dog, most of the time as a single person, waking by myself]

    Even if you’re not going to actually walk away or leave them there it’s really nice to know you can tie your shoe, take off a sweater, deal with a crying person while knowing your dog won’t run away or bowl you over.

    Also, if the dog’s a chewer don’t buy fancy leashes! Nylon ones can be mended with sewing needles.

    Good luck! ??

  11. Super stylish leashes! I’m checking them out myself now. However, I’m a sucker for fancy dog accessories but have always resorted back to our basic REI dog look. We’ve had our dog for only a short year and I have to agree with all the above comments on it being dog dependent and it’s ability not be non-reactive. That said, every now and then I pull out the cute brass buckle leash that I can sling cross body if I bring the dog downtown as my accessory! He’ll hang if I have a snack.

  12. I actually use this with my 11 year old black lab and haven’t had any issues. It’s super helpful when I have to push my baby’s stroller and take the dog for a walk.

  13. I wear a Patagonia mini hip pack across my body or around my waist and clip my dog’s leash to it with a carabiner. I have to keep my hand on the leash to keep her on heel until she starts to chill out but I appreciate being able to drop the leash and still have her connected to me. It’s nice to be able to carry things in both hands, catch myself if I stumble and know that she’s is secure. If your dog pulls or is unpredictable try a gentle leader with the set up so you don’t get dragged.