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ABBA announced a new album. First album in 40 years! Watch the video to hear them talk about how they are putting on the show. This is WILD! More here.

A guide for better conversations. (PDF)

How to Remember What You Read

Check out these toasters. WOW!(Also, who doesn’t want to go visit a Toaster Museum?)

– I am way way past this stage with my kids, obviously, but wow would I have bought this radish chewable toy! Hilarious!

SurfaceSnaps is such a simple product. I didn’t realize how much I would appreciate the cable tidi-ness they bring.

Bread lamps are funny.

Why Kids Need Spirituality, By Lisa Miller

Plastic Dip!? I want to dip all of the things!

– Yeah, I want to be a person who owns a boot brush.

Team Tattly is hiring a Graphic Designer. Application deadline is Monday!

The Founder Library. What a wonderful resource!

This office chair is a bit silly looking to me but I am sure my kids would be into it.

Salad Tragedies

– My grandma used to crochet me slippers like these. Thanks for the memory lane moment, Bombas socks.

How Mushroom Time Lapses Are Filmed

– “Human beings are immensely complicated creatures, living simultaneously in a half dozen different worlds. Each individual is unique and, in a number of respects, unlike all the other members of the species. None of our motives is unmixed, none of our actions can be traced back to a single source and, in any group we care to study, behavior patterns that are observably similar may be the result of many constellations of dissimilar causes.” Aldous Huxley on Making Sense of Ourselves and Each Other

– I just learned a new term: Business bigamy in this article: My Colleague Is Secretly Holding Two Jobs. Should I Expose Her?

– In love with this old-school fountain pen.

This purse is also a backpack. Love.

When will we stop calling successful women ‘abrasive’?

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