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I am intrigued by the concept of Street Wisdom – an everyday creative practice you use as you walk. A smart fusion of mindfulness, neuroscience and wellness, it unlocks our minds and unblocks our creativity with every step. Try it yourself by using one of their audio guides.

– This is a cool looking backpack.

– !!! Communities across the U.S. are paying remote workers to relocate.

What I Learned About My Writing By Seeing Only The Punctuation

Lychee seed propagating anyone?

The world needs more love letters.

Reversible Japanese House Shoes

Nobody Knows What They’re Doing, by Makinde Adeagbo

– Wonderfully weird Puzzles: Le Puzz. (Thanks Jessica Hische)

– Happy about this trend: Enough With the Seltzer: The Booze-Free Cocktail Has Arrived. In the last five years, at least five new dry stores that sell alcohol-free wines, craft beers and bottled drinks have opened in New York City.

A hoodie with a built in mask. Smart.

– I enjoyed watching The Shift by Wayne Dyer.

– Interesting Twitter thread on how pandemics end.

– This is a lovely wooden step stool.

– Interesting read: A Profession Is Not a Personality

How to roast chestnuts. Yum.

– A minimal lamp. I like it.

– I want one of these fountain pens.

– It’s pumpkin decorating season. Try the Tattly approach.

– Did you know that the CreativeMornings community is generously teaching each other workshops? Check out the upcoming FieldTrips. SO MANY GOOD ONES!

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  1. Thank you for these posts – I always look forward to them. Today Street Wisdom has really inspired me in particular & I’m grateful you shared it xx

  2. Regarding the Kaweco pen — shall I send you one from Germany? I use one (I have one with green housing and one with white housing) every day and absolutely love it :)

  3. Your posts never disappoint. Thank you.

  4. I have that fountain pen – bought it from Goulet pens, in a lovely soft peach color. I find it not quite as smooth as a Pilot. It has a slight “scritchy” quality to the writing. But it’s a lovely, solid, light-weight pen that I enjoy using for my daily journaling. Tip: you can re-fill the “disposable” cartridges it comes with! Get a syringe and refill with your favorite bottled ink (Goulet sells both). Enjoy!