Watering Can and Mister

I can’t make up my mind if this watering can / mister is silly or brilliant. It made me look.

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  1. I have this. I was not in love with its design when I first got it. I wanted something sleeker or cooler looking (as well as something not plastic). After having lived with it for almost a year I gotta say: it’s great. It is such a good watering can and I love the misting option.

    Still isn’t elegant. Still wish it was metal. But it works really well.

  2. Had one very similar and worked like a charm! (agree with Marya’s overall comments, too)

  3. I bought this while vacationing in Bar Harbor, Maine pre pandemic. We used to go every year and I miss it so much. Now it sits on our kitchen shelves and it reminds me of Maine and how we will get back there soon. It’s kind of quirky but the spout is great for watering.