10 of My Favorite Things of 2021

These are things I lovingly own:

My all-time favorite object in my house at the moment is this acorn vase.

Zena Swiss Vegetable Peeler. It might not look impressive, but let me tell you, this thing WORKS!

This LED light that can hold a charge for about 10h. I use it as a desk lamp and nightstand light. (My kids are each getting one for Christmas)

The Vava short-throw home theater projector has changed our life. I honestly don’t know why I ever need to set foot into a theater again. It’s expensive but oh-so-worth-it!

This acrylic bird feeder has brought endless hours of delight to both me and my cat. (I am looking at a BlueJay in it while I am typing this.)

I have had this cat litter box for a few years but have a new found appreciation for it now that I have adopted a dog and she can’t get to the cat’s poop. It’s such a sculptural and beautiful design, I don’t mind it sitting in the corner of my living room.

One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book. I write a sentence or two every night, and in a year I can see where I was the year prior and travel in time every night. Fun!

This boldly patterned wool scarf by See Design. (I also own and love this toiletry bag.)

This Ginkgo Leaf Shaped Dog Blanket/Bed. (That’s my rescue pup. I adopted her 3 weeks ago. I love her.)

Onsen bath towels make me happy. I ilearned about them because they sponsored my blog years back. I was curious and ordered a bunch of towels and loved them so much I replaced ALL of my towels in my house. I swear by the gray Bath Towel. My kids approve of them too.

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  1. After you posted it here, I bought the ginko dog bed for a friend. Not for her dog, but for her baby. It’s 100% cotton, padded, and huge so it’s perfect for floor time. I had to warn her about it’s origin; fortunately she saw the funny side and looooves it.

  2. That bird feeder is awesome, but I’m afraid it might make birds smash into the window? Has this happened? We’ve had a few collisions on our windows and I don’t want to make it worse with the feeder. I love this so much!!!

  3. Had no idea that a short-throw projector was even a thing that existed… I am SO STOKED. Thank you for mentioning!

  4. The best vegetable peeler. Hands down!

  5. I have that bird feeder, too, and I love it. But the goldfinches love it even more! Sidebar: I also have had great success with hummingbird window feeders.

  6. Just ordered the feeder. Thanks! The vase will be in my back pocket.