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I keep coming back to this one.

Let’s Ignore Each Other in the Same Room. Why parallel play is good for grown-ups, too.

I adopted a dog this week and now I want all of the stylish dog products from Cloud 7.

Stunning portraits adorned with gold ornaments and precious stones, impressive work by Tawny Chatmon

– I like this Secret Whiteboard.

Pebble Collection belt. Made me chuckle.

6 incredible catalogues from the Hirayama Fireworks company, early 1900s.

Raindrop looks like a super nifty tool to organize all your bookmarks. (Kai, who runs my favorite newsletter, DenseDiscovery, uses it.)

3 brain hacks to control your Amazon addiction (from a neuroscientist)

The principles of patience.

How to Actually Remember People’s Names

The mystery of the “same sky” postcards (via)

– According to Derek Sivers everyone should read The Listening Book. It’s filled with essays about listening. And it calls your attention to sounds you hadn’t noticed.

– I am a new-isa US citizen and find national politics highly confusing and depressing. Brian Derrick over on Instagram is one of my favorite follows. He is super grounded, always explaining what’s happening and no matter what is going on, he is calm and forward looking.

– When I was a kid I had a (less stylish) version of this ski hat.

– This app gives you daily creative challenges with artists around the world.(via)

The Beauty and Violence of Ernst Haeckel’s Illustrations

– I made this Lasagna recipe yesterday and my kids were super into it. (I forgot how long a Lasagna takes, but it was all worth it! Also, I used Beyond Meat instead!)

– Have you tried Chaffles yet? (Cheese and egg as a waffle!)

Get lost in posters.

– Tattly launched a Frida Kahlo collection. It makes me happy.

The story of CreativeMornings was featured on Oprah. That was quite a moment.

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  1. Lasagnaaaaaa. It’s about that time of the year to have something always simmering or baking, isn’t it?
    Quick helpful hint…get 3 or more machine washable bath mats and use one on the car seat for puppy girl. If you’re visiting someone that has a dog friendly home, take the mat out of the car and put it on the floor near you, giving her a place that’s “hers” to sit or lay on. Treats get given when she’s on the mat too, if away from home.
    Use the others in places at home you’re comfortable with her hanging out. She’ll catch on quick and they’re easy to keep clean. (Use skin sensitive laundry detergent, fabric rinses and dryer sheets-they have the minimal residue-remember a dog’s nose is the equivalent to sensing a spoonful of sugar in a swimming pool! Don’t overwhelm her nose)