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The Photos of the Year for 2021

– “We lose sight of the fundamental tradeoff that the price of higher productivity is always lower creativity. All of it, Burkeman observes, is the product of an anxiety about time that springs from our stubborn avoidance of the elemental parameters of reality.” Against the Trap of Efficiency: The Counterintuitive Antidote to the Time-Anxiety That Haunts and Hampers Our Search for Meaning

– This Rainbow Scarf makes me happy.

– What went right in 2021: the top 26 good news stories of the year

The best movies and TV of 2021, picked by NPR critics

Joan Didion is dead at 87.She established a distinctive voice in American fiction before turning to political reporting and screenplay writing.

– You’re not uncool, making friends as an adult is hard (Two months into dog ownership, I can attest that having a dog is a Friend Making Machine)

This post over on Colossal is fueling my love for foxes

This Instagram account is pure gold. This post of finding your posse of missfits pulled me in.

– The literature clock tells you the current time using a literary snippet. (via)

– This Oak Pen Tray makes my minimalist heart sing.

Typography fundamentals through Google Fonts.

I’m going to close this deal using business words I’ve heard men yell in airports, by Wendi Aarons

– A big thank you to Caveday for sponsoring my blog this week. (Whispers: Team CreativeMornings is huge fans of Caveday.)

Happy Holidays to you all, my dear readers. Thank you for visiting my garden. I like tending to it and knowing that you enjoy my finds.

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  1. Sorry, I think that Charlie Brown link is one of those scam video links. Apple TV is currently (Christmas 2021) the only one streaming this video.

  2. Thanks for letting me know, Jim!

  3. My favorite garden to visit! Thank you for keeping us inspired, enlightened, delighted, hopeful and smiling.
    All the very best in 2022! -Susan

  4. The Wendi Aarons article – yes! Lord help me! ?