Here’s to 2022

Daphne Kladis

New year and another trip around the sun. Hey 2022, here’s to:

– more parties in the heart
– more listening. Less talking
– being ok with being misunderstood
– spending time with expansive humans
– staying open
– more dancing
– long walks
– petting dogs
– BELIEVE (Ted Lasso style)
– less sugar
– remembering that fear is the absence of love
– remembering to interpret mixed signals as a no
– continue to gently recognize my limiting beliefs
– trusting that inner whisper
– sprinkle fun and good vibes
– be intentional about rituals / traditions (create new ones)
– notice when the universe is cheering me on
– no more overwatering plants
– notice and celebrate what’s working
– clarity
– recognize when I am swimming upstream and swiflty turning around
– write my book (at least start)
– being open to love

Whispers: Thank you for visiting my garden on the internet. I appreciate you stopping by.

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  1. I so enjoy your garden on the internet-it has made me laugh, sigh, swoon, smile, tear up and has inspired me to have greater faith in the good of us all, to seek out the spark and coax it to glow, to encourage others, to say thank you sincerely-not automatically, and to always be creating something.
    Thank you-sincerely. ;)

  2. I’m already excited to read this book.

  3. Happy New Year. Thank you for everything you share. I visit this garden every day and it is one of my favourite places, has been that way for so many years! :) Another thank you-sincerely from me.

  4. Thank you so much for tending this garden! Believe me when I say that it serves as a wonderful place of hopefulness in my travels around the internet each day.

  5. Whispers.. thank you for creating such a beautiful garden for me to visit. Always leave with a happy heart

  6. thanks so much for this.

  7. So lovely! Thank you.

  8. Happy New Year Tina, I love these so much.

    And I definitely hear you on the over-watering of plants!