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This is a soothing video to watch.

The pavement surgeon.

– I am tempted to buy this LED headlamp for when I walk my dog at night in the woods.

7 books that will help you regain a sense of calm

This colorful fashion brand makes me happy.

– In 1983 Architecutral Design Magazine launched a competition to for architects to design a doll house.

How a talk begins by Austin Kleon

– These knitted hats by Mischa Lampert are super duper cool.

– Wait what, a cordless hand mixer?

– Kaze makes beautifully colorful disposable face masks.

This toolbag has me swoon.

– I am obsessed with this dinnerware collection by Canvas. I saw it in person at the trade show this past weekend and the black rim is so subtle and beautiful.

– I want to buy this stair slide.

The ‘do something for nothing’ movement that started with a free haircut

A wonderful collection of images exploring the complexities of love – the joys, failures, self-love, family love, and everything in between.

Put some art on you. It’s fun to pretend.

– There are currently 901 remote jobs listed on the CreativeMornings Job Board.

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  1. Masks are bad for the planet. No more masks.

  2. Headlamps are great all around, you’ll find yourself reaching for it more times than you’d expect.

  3. My mom was known for buying gifts all year and putting them up for the holidays. I have done the same and love being mostly done by Thanksgiving and find I buy more meaningful gifts. Anyway, my mom passed in June but had already purchased gifts, so we all got one gift from her. My sis and SIL got festive holiday ware. My other sis, who often hosts events at her large home, got a chip and dip set. Me – known for my simple clutter free lifestyle (I don’t like storing things you use only for holidays or having a lot of unitaskers) got a serving set similar to the dishes you posted here. Sorry for the longish story, but it was a reminder of how my mom recognized my love of subtle design.

  4. You can buy the headlamp (XANES LX200) for half that price directly from Chinese shops, no need to pay extra to some dropshipping store.

  5. I used similar things every day, since I often end up doing chores like checking on the chickens and the horses after dark, as well as going for walks in the woods. If you really expect to use it for extended periods of time, especially vigorous walking, you will be happier with one that has a third band that runs from the top of the lamp, across the top of your head, and connects with the band in the back. The little lamp is the heaviest part and the band across the top of your head holds the lamp steady and keeps it from sliding down your forehead into your eyes. That said, this one is appealingly futuristic in appearance, and you could probably keep it from shifting with the right hat. Love your website!

  6. What an awesome headlamp! Definitely something you need for pup walks!
    Also look for the clip on lights for kids backpacks…they’re the best-way better than other lights for dogs. Clip it on the BACK of your dog’s collar. It makes their shadow look big and fierce and other animals (including moose) are wary of the blinking lights. The light has several choices of pattern (and its easy to find in a snowbank if you didn’t clip it on snugly). Runs on AAA batteries.

  7. My husband bought that headlamp and it is great for fetching wood from the woodpile at an unfamiliar winter cabin, but the thing I will warn you about is that is a So Very Bright – it is best used if you are the only person around. Otherwise, you’ll irritate everyone else around you by nearly blinding them. It was sort of too bright for dog walking. Yes, you could see everything in front of you, but the dog won’t make eye contact, and everything that is in the dark is completely invisible due to the contrast. So, it is great for necessary solo tasks, but somehow too bright for anything else.

  8. Related to the pavement surgeon link, you should check out the work of