2023 Intentions

My birthday and the new year coincide which always results in a reflection tornado. Here goes:


– More firsts!
– Embrace softness.
– Be open to love.
– Believe in (my) magic.
– Dream bigger.
– Keep asking: “What if it was easy?”
– Listen to my inner whispers.
– More speaking up, setting boundaries, lovingly.
– Recognize openings and moments of ease.
– Pay attention to when I am happy. Repeat those moments and dial them up to 11!
– Notice when the universe is cheering me on.
– No assumptions. (Ask more questions.)
– Keep building things that make the world better in 100 years.
– Gently notice when I am not fully present. Redirect.
– When my body contracts and my heart wants to close, breathe, stay open, lean in with curiosity.
– Live with a sense of giving not taking: Regularly ask: Would I miss ____ if it was gone? What am I doing to help ____ exist and thrive?
– Don’t push the river. Don’t try to hold it back. Flow.
– Embrace and trust standing on collaborative shoulders.
– Seek out rooms filled with gentle strangers.
– Be brave. (Growth happens on the edge of discomfort.)
– Notice and celebrate what’s working.
– See beauty in everything.
– Never withhold love.
– Dance with the universe.


– Everything is alive.
– The universe is friendly.
– Time is an illusion.
– Energy is visible.
– Fear is absence of love.
– I am exactly where I need to be.
– We are put on earth to love.
– Clarity is your friend. Interpret mixed signals as a no.
– A belief is a thought you keep thinking. (You can change it.)
– Love, joy and peace are deep and pure states of being. (Notice them!)
– Another world is possible.
– We are here to transform, not win.
– It takes courage to be kind and have a positive outlook in life.
– Money is energy.
– Dreamers shift norm and possibility.
– My humanity is caught up with your humanity.
– Safety is the presence of connection.
– Vulnerability is a door to deeper connection.
– Everything is figureoutable.
– Love starts with me.
– Trust breeds magic.
– Our life is our way home.

Happy my (Jan 2) birthday to you. And happy 2023! Thank you for visiting this little internet garden of mine.

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  1. We’ve never met and maybe we never will but I’m thankful that you were born! This nook you’ve carved out of the internet has become an oasis of humanity, thoughtfulness and inspiration…a deep, clear well that I draw from several times a week just as I have for years. Thank you for starting and maintaining this blog and for putting yourself out there; the world is better because of it. Happy birthday and may 2023 reveal some magnificent new intentions that you haven’t even considered yet!

  2. @Jon O. Thank you for your kind words! Heart full!

  3. Happy birthday / New Year! Thank you for all the noticing you do and the goodness you put into the world.

    You make the world a more beautiful, loving place.

  5. Happy birthday! Love your blog.

  6. Happy birthday! I echo Jon O’s statements!

    Boston, Ma

  7. Happy Birthday! Thank you for sharing your garden with us all.

  8. Love todays post.

  9. Thank you for sharing your part of the world with us! I plan on printing this post for continuous reference. xxx

  10. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing, Tina!

  11. Happy Birthday! Love your site.

  12. – speak with heart intelligence

  13. merci für das alles gäll…

  14. Happy birthday fellow Capricorn and thank you for this excellent, sage advice! Big love and blessings from New ZealNd.

  15. Thank you for sharing this. You have put into words so many of the fragments of ideas that I have bouncing around in my head. I would love to hear a little about your reflection practice that enables you to make such a wonderful list. Was it a year-long process? Or did you carve out a few hours here and there? Thanks again.

  16. Love this- Our life is our way home. Also this – Clarity is your friend. Interpret mixed signals as a no.

    Happy birthday! Thank you for everything though the years.

  17. Tina, Happy Birthday to you!!! Thank you for sharing your reflection tornado, I enjoy what you share! Especially drawn to- We are here to transform, not win. Happy New Year!

  18. Wise words!
    Happy birthday!

  19. I’ve been coming to your blog for so many years… it always shows me hope in different ways, beautiful things in different ways…
    i wish you the best year, and best life…
    but … mostly, i wanted to say i’ve found the very best advice – and one that i needed so much – in such a long time…
    Clarity is your friend. Interpret mixed signals as a no.

    THIS IS PURE GOLD. i’ve put it down in my journal, and already looking for a way to have this very present to me. THANK YOU . Such a great road map tip for life.

    THANK YOU (again) (still digesting how much this will help me … and i’m filled with appreciation! )

  20. Thank you for sharing your beautiful bountiful garden with us. Belated happy birthday with much appreciation for all you do.

  21. Happy Birthday! I’m right there with you (birthday on the 1st)
    thanks for all of the cool work you bring to the world, and for sharing your list.

  22. Alles gute noch zum Geburtstag Tina und und ein gutes Jahr 2023 hoffe die Absichten werden gelingen. Ein ganz toller Beitrag :-)

  23. Happy new year! Just wanted to tell you I’ve been loving this blog for many years now. Thank you for your presence here! Wishing you all the best this year (and happy belated birthday!).
    Victoria BC Canada

  24. Thanks for sharing Tina. Your blog is an inspiration. I visit every day and get annoyed when there has been no updates!! I guess I am just selfish. Keep up the great work.

  25. Can we get this as a poster! So many golden ideas here :)

  26. Thanks