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Love this Apple commercial. My dad went blind in old age and the Apple devices gave him so much freedom and connection to the outside world. Forever grateful.

– Stoicism: How to turn your sadness into strength

– Due to human bias, our search engines have learnt to prioritise sportsmen in our search results, even when the facts put sportswomen first. Correct the internet wants to change that. (via Chris)

8 Ways to Read (a Lot) More Books This Year

– Here’s what Frank Lloyd Wright’s unbuilt designs would look like today

– Ever wanted to use unique, natural handwriting in a design but didn’t like your own? This website generates variable handwriting in 9 different styles. You can adjust speed, legibility, and stroke width, then download the result as an SVG file. (via Dense Discovery)

– I want to live in this town with a population of 400 that has eight independent bookstores.

Why I wake early, by Marie Oliver

8 revenue streams you can add to your own business

Apricity means the warmth of the sun in winter. What a lovely word.

– I love to propagate plants. These stone/tube propagation vessels make it look way prettier than the simple glass jars I use.

– Want a temporary, delicate looking tattoo that looks real? Check out this new one by Tattly.

– CreativeMornings is slowly but surely building the most radically generous peer-to-peer leaning space with their FieldTrips. Go and attend some free virtual events and dip into this friendly community. For example: Try Qigong on February 16, a moving meditation for those who can’t sit still.

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  1. I love these posts. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. Just like Kari, these posts mean a lot to me. Thank you Tina.