Tell Me About Your Weirdest First Date!

Dear readers, will you share your weirdest / funnest 1st date stories?

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  1. I sincerely wish I had a juicy, fun, crazy, out-of-the-ordinary 1st date story, Swiss-Miss! I got nothin.

  2. Few years ago I was dating people from Tinder.
    I had a date in a favourite bar of mine, with a boy, with whom we have exchanged some messages only and decided to meet. And since the guy was late, I sat next to a friend, loud and bubbly. When the guy arrived, my friend started asking him questions, some of them provocative.
    Anyway, it was a fun chat, we all were having a laugh.
    It was getting late and I desperately wanted to go to bed, no more drinks and the bar was about to close; my Tinder date got invited to continue with the drinks at my friend’s place, haha. They are both snowboarders and enjoying mountains, so they kinda clicked as bros.