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I have recently discovered Sunday Service Choir and am deeply moved by their music. I am not religious but appreciate their music from an energetic point of view. I listen to it on my walk to work and I can tell how I am all high-vibes once I make it to my office. I consider it my walking meditation.

– These Cooling Eye Pads made me laugh out loud. Also come in rainbow. is a color generator suggesting pairs of colors based on the amount of stimulation you desire. Think of stimulation as the effect or mood a color combination can create, ranging from sleep coma to hyper excitement.

– Weston Lambert makes beautiful glass/stone sculptures. Want.

Cloud Berries? What?

– Why does time move forward but not backward? Physicist Sabine Hossenfelder explains. The physics of time, entropy, and death

This underground library is making me swoon.

Positive News. Delivered to your door.

– Well worth a listen: Dachner Keltner on while we all need daily doses of awe

A Notion Habit Tracker. Intrigued.

Trying Patch. Love it. (via)

How to repair a broken Zipper

I love the internet. So much.

– Your breathing is an operating manual for your nervous system.

– Whoa! How well can Magnus Carlsen identify chess positions?

– Instagram was bombarding me with ads for this entryway rack. Eventually I broke down. I love it. It’s well made and holds a ton of shoes. Ok, Instagram, you win.

– One day I will own one of these bear shaped cotton throws by Donna Wilson. They make me giggle.

– What makes a relationship flourish? Love the answer Yung Pueblo shared.

1K Project is a “not-for-profit collective focused on directly connecting sponsors in the USA and around the world to help Ukrainian families impacted by the senseless and inhumane war”. You give $1000 as a direct relief to a family in the Ukraine which in turn sends a picture, a brief story and a ‘thank you’ note. According to the site, more than $10.7M (going to roughly 11,000 families) has been given already. Tax deductible for US taxpayers. (via)

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  1. Thank you for supporting Ukraine ❤️
    We really appreciate it

  2. Yum, cloudberries – they’re known as bakeapples in my part of the world.

  3. I must say that I saw the frog house last week… and … really … lifted me up… I get upset sometimes about human beings… being… human beings… but this warmed my heart.
    As much as you do with propagating good things. I appreciate your energy so much.