Link Pack

Almost over you by Önnu Jónu Son aka Haraldur Thorleifsson, founder of Ueno.

How to help young people limit screen time — and feel better about how they look. (I see my 16 year old try to come up with all kinds of solutions to limit her screen time on her own. It’s fascinating.)

Everything that is not love is searching for love.

Solar Eclipses in the U.S. in 2023 and 2024

– A read I keep coming back to: Being Alone by Ankit Shah

Wirecutter tested the best non-alcoholic wines.

– I like the design of this physical timer.

– Good read: Imagining a new version of a good life (via DD)

– This Paula Scher slide from last week’s Kinference in Brooklyn made me gasp: Creativity Staircase and Power by Decade.

Promise yourself that you will never withhold love. I think of this post by Danielle LaPorte often.

– I feel this sticker!

Free Learning List: An expansive list of educational resources from all around the web, including YouTube channels, podcasts, blogs, online courses, coding schools, and books. (via DD)

If You Fail at Love

Qi, be with me!

– My friend Jocelyn is launching an online workshop helping you find your voice.

Designer humor. Always gets me.

– A simple mortgage calculator designed for non-financial experts. (via Chris)

– I keep taking out the stack of personal messages card and flip through them with delight. I then keep one out for a few months that feels the most relevant. These cards (I have all four sets) are one of my favorite possessions. Ever.

– It’s time to get some ladybugs on me.

– Do you know CreativeMornings runs 20-30 virtual, free experiences aka FieldTrips a month? Creative, big hearted generous humans tuning in from all over the world. It’s a thing of beauty. Our community teaching each other. Love this so much I might burst at some point.

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  1. I get so excited when I see a Link Pack. Thank you.