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RamDass · Ram Dass on his Spacesuit

– An incredible resource of old German hi-fi/tv catalogues. Over 1700 of them!

– I would like a pet portrait. Yes please.

– Can you fall in love with blobby-type sculptures? I did.

– Love this minimal gold ring.

40 Things I Wish I’d known at 40

Join the Responsible AI Challenge, by Mozilla Builders. In-person event: May 31, 2023 in San Francisco, CA.

Glow in the dark pavement. Wow.

A photographer who searches for doppelgängers. Love this.

This clever device allows you to squeeze exactly the amount of lemon juice you desire, free of seeds and without risk of splatter, then protects the lemon (or lime) half in the refrigerator for maximum freshness.

The World’s 25 Richest Countries by GDP per Capital

The 100 best things to do in NYC for locals and tourists (via Chris)

The Bantu philosophy of “ubuntu” focuses on the power of community

The Future is Inclusive.

– Looking for a job? Try the CreativeMornings Job Board.

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  1. Tom and Wendy got me a Crown & Paw portrait of Edie. I love it!

  2. Re: The 25 Richest Countries, I would point out, as an Irish person, that the GDP includes the tech giants that use (the 5m population capita) Ireland as a base for non-US earnings, such as Apple/MS/facebook/etc. But the 12.5% corporate tax means that little of that earning comes into Ireland, even though those companies pay their (relatively small number of employees) well. While Ireland isn’t poor, I’d argue that residents of Germany are much better off, for example (having spent years living in mainland Europe). It’s like claiming Delaware is the richest place in the US. It is, but it isn’t. Combine that with the tax shenanigans that companies use, such as the Irish Dutch sandwich, and you have tax avoidance by US companies on a massive scale, artificially inflating the GDP of both countries.
    As for Luxembourg, it’s number one because it’s the officially registered place of the MEPs and their staff, Europe’s ‘senate’, which means it has a very artificially high wage rate, which again, is not reflective of the average person’s wages.
    Norway’s oil means it’s probably the richest place. Qatar doesn’t count it’s 3rd world workers as citizens, so it’s GDP is also artificial.