Link Pack

– THIS! “Judge me for how good my good ideas are, not how bad my bad ideas are.” – Matt Damon on brainstorming and collaboration

– I keep coming back to Clay Herbert’s talk: The Best Way To Answer “So What Do You Do?” Share your answer on what you do in a comment below? I’d love to hear it!

– My remarkably talented large format color photographer friend Andrew Moore just launched a Domestika course teaching you how to shoot urban scenes. Super cool!

– I dig this tote.

– I want to hear more powerful men like Scott Galloway talk about kindness. Yes please.

– If you rub garlic on your fingers, you can pick up an egg yolk

– What’s your version of “Canoe to Work?

– Love this house tour, mostly because of the abundance of plants. (Humans who don’t own books or plants are suspicious to me.)

These photos made me gasp.

– Thank you Chris for introducing me to the concept of Documentary Family Photography. Sign me up!

– Has anyone tried the Take Back Bag? Is this the way to go?

The Hero’s Journey according to Joseph Campbell. (I didn’t learn about this concept until I moved to the USA.)

Ram Dass on Relationships

_ I am in love with Nik Ramage sculptural machines. Like this lemon stroker, Brick sculpture or Back and forth.

– Want to walk on clouds? Here you go.

– I want to cover myself in these ladybugs.

– Did you know CreativeMornings offers 20+ free, community-led, heart-forward, virtual experiences every month? We call them FieldTrips. Or you can attend our monthly volunteer-led events in 229 cities.

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  1. I’ve done Clay’s exercise! Mine is: I help creative trailblazers build a brand as unique as they are.

  2. Hey, T – I’ve done the Take Back Bag. I wanted to support the effort, but, to be honest, it’s way too expensive. I’ve realized that donating clothes that are still wearable and recycle non-wearables at H&M makes a lot more sense.

    Oh, and regarding being wary of people who don’t own books, I was always the same way, but I’ve now become one of them. I own SO few books now. I listen to books far more than I physically read them. I’ve really been trying to eliminate physical things that I don’t need to own. It was hard at first, but, 5+ months into our new life out here, I’m really happy that I got rid of my books. Now, I have a hefty Audible library, but I’ve also found borrowing and downloading books from the library is a breeze now. It’s been a lot easier to stay nimble without hauling heavy book boxes with me. :)

  3. @BB, Thanks for the feedback on Take Back Bag!

    And I should reframe my statement to “I am wary of people who don’t read!” I mostly listen to Audiobooks myself. I get u!

  4. If you find Joseph Conrad’s ‘The Hero’s Journey’ interesting, you should check out Maria Tatar’s ‘The Heroine With 1,001 Faces’ which challenges Conrad’s view of the place of women in these myths. Very interesting, and a more feminist oriented view, which I do prefer!

  5. Thank you so much for the very kind mention of the cloud socks, Tina–I really appreciate it!!