Link Pack

This is so powerful. Makes me cry every time I watch it.

A simple, minimal stripe-y rug. I like.

– The only stroller I want to own.

– Tempted to buy one of these tea infusers. Worth it?

– This is a beautiful carabiner.

What the web looks like to someone who is colorblind. (via)

Vintage Analog Photo Booths. Such beauties!

Graphic Design Reading List (via Chris)

– I remember way back when, putting a resume together is such a pain. I’d totally be down to have an AI tool help me with the first draft.

A floating shelf with a built in LED light. Yes please.

– I love the You Are Not Alone Murals. Murals are painted by different artists in different communities all around the world.

– One of my favorite necklace pendants: Mudra for acceptance.

A smiling storage unit.

– It’s travel season. Get your custom Luggage Tag by Various Keytags.

Having no obligation to your former self. (via Chris)

– This yellow poncho made me giggle.

– Want to test drive a tattoo? Tattly got u.

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  1. Han au grad müssen brüellä!