Friday Link Pack

Ok Go has a new song out. The video is ‘moving’.

– Excellent read: On Relational Infrastructure

I love him!

– Just recently discovered the Goodness Exchange. Bookmarked! (They also have a podcast)

– Doh! Use shower caps to cover the bottom of your shoes in your luggage. Brilliant.

– Are you a fan of The Moth? Me too! Hear Catherine Burns generously share storytelling tips at last Friday’s CreativeMornings/NYC. (She was the artistic director at The Moth for 20 years!)

A company pitch deck framework.

– Whoa! Scribe is so useful.

– I thoroughly enjoy my daily notes from the universe.

These wire sculptures have me mesmerized.

– Wonderful read: Hanlon’s Razor: Not Everyone is Out to Get You

– This article resonated with me: What to Do About That Thing You’ve Been Putting Off

This butterfly stool by NACO is such a beauty! Check out beautiful-no-tool-assembly.

– Want to be inspired by some trailblazer women? Check out HUR Conversations.

The Uncertainty Pledge. I feel this: “Uncertainty is where possibility lives.”

– This made me smile: Above the bare minimum museum date. (You can also do this with a friend, kid etc)

The World Wide Wander is back on September 29th!

Tattly is 12! (Psst.. the yearly totally bonanza 50% off sale is currently going on until Sunday July 30)

– I just watched the video on how the bookmarking tool My Mind works. Supercol.

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  1. Thanks so much!! Many of your readers stopped by!! <3

  2. Oh my gosh Louis! Made my day!