Link Pack

Spaghetti Mayhem. Thanks for the chuckle, Kottke.

– My wonderful friend Maria Popova has entered the poetry stages with her beautiful Spell Against Indifference. There’s nothing I respect more than when I see humans expand, stretch, and break into new territory. Go Maria!

– I am in the Swiss Alps. Just found this Youtube of what a typical Appenzeller Choir sounds like. (Appenzell is the area of Switzerland where I am from.)

The Week is a self-managed group workshop with the goal to overcome climate angst and build momentum. (via)

– This made me laugh: Rotating Sandwiches. (via)

– I love love love this calendar gone emerging tree sculpture.

Everything heals and grows when it’s loved well. People, too.

– Technology is getting really good at removing people from photographs is a pomodoro timer that turns into a chatroom in the 5- minute breaks. Fun. (Or anxiety inducing for introverts, I assume)

Chippy is a Chrome browser extension that lets you bring ChatGPT wherever you go on the internet. Use AI to summarize, research, translate and answer questions—all without switching tabs. Created by Fictive Kin.

The Big Here Quiz: 30 questions to elevate your awareness (and literacy) of the greater place in which you live.

– Solid advice: Keep a brag sheet of your accomplishments. (via)

These realistic mini animal paintings by Lorraine Loots are beautiful. You can wear them, they are Tattly.

– I love that Threads now has a web interface. You can follow me here if you feel like it. (Threads is Meta’s Twitter competitor)